Backhaul Training for Pilot 2 Communities with Staff Turnover

September 1, 2019

In September of 2019, Zender Environmental conducted a weeklong Backhaul Training in Anchorage, AK, funded by USDA. This free training was open to all rural Alaska communities, but also acted as a “make-up” training for Backhaul Alaska’s Pilot 2 communities that needed it. Pilot 2 village coordinators from Hooper Bay, Kwigillingok, Shaktoolik, Ugashik, and Wainwright were able to attend.

A total of 16 individuals partook in the 5-day training. Participants were provided safety training, DOT Haz Mat Regulation training, and hands-on packaging practice, among a variety of other topics. These skills are essential for folks to learn and utilize when conducting their local backhaul operations.

Training is a core aspect of the Backhaul Alaska Program to ensure laborers have the knowledge to do their job safely and shipments conform with all relevant regulations. Job turnover, limited funds, and lack of training opportunities continues to be a challenge to rural communities and their local backhaul programs. Zender Environmental will continue to leverage its funding and pursue partnerships to provide as many no-cost training opportunities as possible.