In-Person Regional Coordinator Meeting

November 1, 2019

Regional Coordinators are the backbone of the Backhaul Alaska Program. These coordinators work directly with Program communities, providing guidance, on-site assistance, and troubleshooting issues as they arise. Further, the Regional Coordinators deliver valuable feedback, allowing for the Program to refine its practices and continually improve to better serve local backhaul programs.

In November of 2019, Backhaul Alaska brought in all the Program’s Regional Coordinators for a 1-day in-person meeting. The Coordinators, representing 8 regions throughout the state, convened in Anchorage to discuss lessons learned from the Pilot 1 phase, prepare for the Pilot 2 phase, and to share ideas for bettering the Program.

Meeting in person was advantageous for the Regional Coordinators and the Program as a whole. Coordinators were able to share their progress with one another as well as work through challenges they had been facing with their peers. The Program and the coordinators were able to create a working roadmap to carry out the Pilot 2 phase and better support the Pilot 2 communities.