Pilot 2 Uniform Backhaul Curriculum Training

May 20, 2019
The Training Class and their instructors at the Total Reclaim Alaska facility on the first of two field days.

The 5-day Backhaul Alaska Uniform Training was held in Anchorage May 20 – 24th with 35 participants from 16 communities, plus regional Coordinators from Nome, Dillingham, Kodiak, and Fairbanks. Trainees were concurrently enrolled in three University of Alaska, Fairbanks courses for a total of 3 class credits. Together, these classes cover the full curriculum developed by an expert group of transporters and recyclers. Included within the training was OSHA 10 hr Construction Safety certification and DOT HMR General Awareness, Function Specific, and Safety Training. Trainees complete Security Awareness online and submit their certification to the Program prior to beginning backhaul activities. In addition to classroom work that covers such topics as recordkeeping, loading, required forms, and management of a community collection point, two afternoons were devoted to function specific training and testing at the Total Reclaim Alaska warehouse.

Multiple stations were set up for participants to practice and be tested on proper packaging and labeling for batteries, electronic wastes, and fluorescent lights. In the case of batteries, both plane and barge transportation rules were covered. Each day, trainees were asked to write down their notes on the various tasks needed for a successful local backhaul program. On the last day, trainees completed a composite action plan that broke down each task into achievable steps and timelines.