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What is Backhaul Alaska? Backhaul Alaska coordinates the hauling of hazardous waste out of rural Alaska communities. The program will begin with village generated wastes, and slowly expand to become a waste service for agencies, individuals, and corporations doing business in rural Alaska.

When will Backhaul Alaska Begin?A two-phase pilot program for community electronics, lead acid batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs began in Summer 2018 for twenty-six villages and will end in Fall 2020. The program will develop over ten years.

Why is Backhaul Alaska Needed? There is no safe way to discard hazardous wastes in rural Alaska, and backhauling is expensive and logistically difficult.  A well-coordinated statewide backhaul program will reduce risks to health and the environment, stretch rural Alaska's limited dollar, and protect subsistence resources.

Did you know? Because of their remote and isolated nature, Alaska's small rural communities use unlined landfills and burn wastes without any emissions treatment. They are the only communities in the country allowed to do this by law. While burning keeps waste management costs lower for these small populations, burning hazardous waste creates health and environmental problems. To be safe, hazardous wastes must be hauled out by barge or plane.

How Does the Program Work?

In time, Backhaul Alaska will operate as a full management service for any entity generating waste in rural Alaska.

For greater detail, click here to access the Backhaul Alaska draft plan.


Pilot Program Timeline

Program Status and Updates

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Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Program Information and Resources

Backhaul Alaska Program Brochure

Program Framework

Backhaul Alaska Draft Plan

Regional Waste Backhaul in Rural Alaska YR 2015 Baseline Assessment Draft Report 

Sustainable Statewide Waste Backhaul Meeting February 11, 2016 - Meeting Notes Summary

Solid Waste Alaska Taskforce Guide to Solid Waste Management in Alaska Recommendations from the Solid Waste Logistics Stakeholder Workshop January 27-29, 2016

Course Outlines for Statewide Standarized Backhaul Training

Extended Producer Responsibility Presentations from AFE 2018

Backhaul Alaska Pilot Program

June 2019 Video Message from Senator Lisa Murkowski to the Backhaul Alaska Program



Backhaul Alaska is possible thanks to inspiration and work from a wide variety of rural Alaska stakeholders:


Lynn Zender, Zender Environmental (907) 277-2111

Backhaul Alaska needs you!

Backhaul Alaska is a new way of handling an enormous problem. As Alaskans, when we band together, we are able to overcome extreme challenges. Whether you have business in, or with, rural Alaska, or simply are interested in helping fellow Alaskans, Backhaul Alaska will work best if all of us do our part. Is your agency, business, or other entity interested in becoming a partner, or are you interested in volunteering your services?   Email us at: info@backhaulalaska.org.

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